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    367111 - ARCHERY CLINIC

    Archery clinic sections are available for both beginners and intermediate archers (Intermediate archers are those who have already taken the beginner clinic). Children will learn safety on the range and how to properly hold and shoot a genesis bow for international competition style archery. Our archery programs are taught by certified archery instructors making them both safe and fun! Space is limited.

    Participants in Session B* must have completed the Beginner Archery Clinic. All Children must be present the first day of the clinic for both sessions.

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    Read Notice367111-AARCHERY BEGINNER$52/$6304/10/19- 05/15/19WItem Details
    Read Notice367111-BARCHERY INTERMEDIATE$52/$6304/10/19- 05/15/19WItem Details


    You'll want to include this 4-day program in your summer plans. A learning program that helps step you right up the ranks to Beach Patrol material. It's definitely fun in the sun! Participants must know how to swim and should report to the Ocean CIty Beach Patrol Headquarters, 109 Talbot Street, at 7:45 am on the first day of camp.

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    Add to Cart400100-AJR BEACH PATROL$110/$13507/09/19- 07/12/19Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-BJR BEACH PATROL$110/$13507/16/19- 07/19/19Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-CJR BEACH PATROL$110/$13507/23/19- 07/26/19Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-DJR BEACH PATROL$110/$13507/30/19- 08/02/19Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-EJR BEACH PATROL$110/$13508/06/19- 08/09/19Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-FJR BEACH PATROL$110/$13508/13/19- 08/16/19Tu-FItem Details


    Participants in this 1-day seminar should meet at Beach Patrol Headquarters, 109 Talbot Street, at 12:45 pm. Reminder*** Please bring water and sun screen. Participants must know how to swim. The program may end early so please be on site at 4:45 p.m. for pick up. All parents are welcolme to bring a beach chair and watch.

    Camp Hours: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m Thursdays

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    Add to Cart400200-SJR BEACH 1 DAY$30/$3507/11/19- 07/11/19ThItem Details
    Add to Cart400200-TJR BEACH 1 DAY$30/$3507/18/19- 07/18/19ThItem Details
    Add to Cart400200-UJR BEACH 1 DAY$30/$3507/25/19- 07/25/19ThItem Details
    Add to Cart400200-VJR BEACH 1 DAY$30/$3508/01/19- 08/01/19ThItem Details
    Add to Cart400200-WJR BEACH 1 DAY$30/$3508/08/19- 08/08/19ThItem Details
    Add to Cart400200-XJR BEACH 1 DAY$30/$3508/15/19- 08/15/19ThItem Details


    Participants in this 4-day afternoon program should report to Beach Patrol Headquarters, 109 Talbot Street at 12:45 p.m. the first day. Reminder*** Please bring water and sun screen. Participants must know how to swim! The program may end early so please be on site at 4:15 p.m. for pick up. All parents are welcome to bring a beach chair and watch.

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    Add to Cart400300-AJR BEACH AFTERNOON$110/$13507/23/19- 07/26/19Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400300-BJR BEACH AFTERNOON$110/$13507/30/19- 08/02/19Tu-FItem Details

    400400 - DRAMA CAMP TOTS

    Calling all performers! Learn to sing, act, and dance on stage! Schoolhouse Theater Arts, Inc. offers young campers the chance to perform a short original musical production on the last day of camp, complete with songs, lines, and choreography. Campers will also learn drama skills, such as pantomime, stage movement, and voice projection! All directors are Maryland state-certified educators, and boast over 60 years combined theatrical experience. Campers who would like to attend both sessions, 2 different plays will be offered.
    WHO: Children, 4 7 years

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    Read Notice400400-ADRAMA CAMP TOTS$60/$7707/22/19- 07/25/19M-ThItem Details
    Read Notice400400-BDRAMA CAMP TOTS$60/$7707/22/19- 07/25/19M-ThItem Details


    Do you love to sing, act, or dance? Well, Schoolhouse Theater Arts, Inc. offers a fantastic and fun summer camp experience where students can put on a rockin' Broadway review! Campers will perform a theatrical review with upbeat hits from many Broadway musicals on the last day of camp. In addition to learning lines, choreography, and music, students will also design and create small props, as well as partake in craft activities. All directors are Maryland state educators and have been involved in theatrics in both professional and teaching capacities. Come on out if you love to perform!

    WHO: Children, entering grades 3 to 8

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    Add to Cart400401-ADRAMA CAMP ROCKERS$132/$15907/22/19- 07/25/19M-ThItem Details

    400413 - DANCE JAZZ

    Grab a friend or come alone, meet new friends and have some fun! This class provides participants with exercise and jazzy new dance steps, while increasing flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

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    Read Notice400413-ADANCE JAZZ EVE INTER$34/$4405/22/19- 08/07/19WItem Details
    Read Notice400413-BDANCE JAZZ BEGINNER$34/$4405/22/19- 08/07/19WItem Details


    This softball training and skills camp offers girls of all abilities an opportunity to learn or advance their talent for the timeless game of softball. This camp is led by former Terp and 5 Star Athletics founder Jillian Callaway. The instruction from Callaway and her staff is second to none in the softball game. Skills and drills teach each camper proper technique and methods to improve their performance. Constant action and fun have each girl moving all day and learning along the way!
    WHO: Girls 6 - 16

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    Add to Cart400500-ASOFTBALL CAMP GIRLS$132/$15908/12/19- 08/14/19M-WItem Details

    401312 - AEROBICS CLASS

    Get your day off to a great start with a heart pumping, energizing workout! You can work at your own pace, which makes this peppy program perfect for all ages and fitness levels. The class includes a 40-minute aerobic workout, ending with resistance training (hand weights) and an optional abdominal routine. This is a people-friendly class with an enthusiastic group of fun-loving folks. Certified Instructor: Tammy Johnson.

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    Read Notice401312-AAEROBICS LOW IMPACT$68/$8206/03/19- 08/16/19M, W, FItem Details
    Read Notice401312-BAEROBICS STEP IT UP$68/$8206/03/19- 08/16/19M, W, FItem Details

    401316 - PICKLEBALL CAMP

    Come learn the hottest game in the recreation field - Pickleball! You will be taught the fundamentals including rules and strategies needed to make you a competitive pickleballer. Pickleball is an addictive game enjoyed by players of all ages!

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    Add to Cart401316-APICKLEBALL CAMP$130/$15608/19/19- 08/22/19M-ThItem Details
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