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    144125 - VOLLEYBALL CLUB

    The Ocean City Recreation & Parks Department and the Delaware Volleyball Academy (DVA) have partnered to offer a volleyball club. Athletes can expect to learn motor skills, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and the fundamentals of volleyball. DVA brings a fun, energetic coaching staff with various backgrounds in teaching, fitness and volleyball!. Players that make the team will be given a full schedule of practices.

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    Read Notice144125-AVOLLEYBALL CLUB$500/$55009/24/17- 03/14/18SuItem Details


    The fall youth flag football league for both boys and girls is the fastest growing league at Ocean City Recreation and Parks! The five-on-five game format is recognizable to football fans and easy to learn. The offensive team plays for a first down and a touchdown in the end zone. The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer, and grabs flags to make “tackles.” Kids will learn football fundamentals while having fun and making new friends.

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    Add to Cart155111-AFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5308/22/18- 10/24/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-BFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5308/22/18- 10/24/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-CFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5308/22/18- 10/24/18WItem Details

    200412 - DANCE BALLET, TAP & JAZZ

    This class is for children who have never danced before. Instruction will consist of three different styles of dance - ballet, tap & jazz. Dance instructor, Linda Natoli Gaither, will touch on each style and ensure that your child has fun experiencing all three!

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    Read Notice200412-ADANCE BALLET, TAP$32/$4302/08/18- 03/29/18ThItem Details
    Read Notice200412-BDANCE BALLET, TAP$32/$4302/08/18- 03/29/18ThItem Details

    201313 - FUN FROLIC & FITNESS

    Join us for an hour of excitement, motor development movement and creative songs! Your child will learn how to move through his/her world with the use of balls, bean bags, hula hoops, and color cones. Basic gymnastics skills using tumbling mats, low balance beams and mini trampolines, will also be part of your child's experience, along with creative games and movement songs. This program will not only improve your child’s coordination, flexibility and strength, it will entertain them with an hour filled with fun, frolic, and fitness!

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    Add to Cart201313-AFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details
    Add to Cart201313-BFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details
    Add to Cart201313-CFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details
    Add to Cart201313-DFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details


    The annual St. Patrick’s Tournament series continues to make March the most exciting month of the year at Northside Park. Be a part of this long-standing Ocean City tradition. We estimate this year’s total attendance to be over 170 teams. Register now to compete indoors during one of these fantastic weekends of competitive soccer. Please call (410) 250-0125 for information or to be added to the mailing list.

    For more information, visit our website at

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    Read Notice237371-ASOCCER U10 BOYS$40003/09/18- 03/11/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-BSOCCER U12 BOYS$40003/02/18- 03/04/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-CSOCCER U10 GIRLS$40003/09/18- 03/11/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-DSOCCER U12 GIRLS$40003/02/18- 03/04/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-ESOCCER U14 BOYS$40003/09/18- 03/11/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-FSOCCER U16 BOYS$40003/02/18- 03/04/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-GSOCCER U14 GIRLS$40003/09/18- 03/11/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-HSOCCER U16 GIRLS$40003/02/18- 03/04/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-ISOCCER U18 GIRLS$40002/23/18- 02/25/18F-SuItem Details
    Read Notice237371-JSOCCER U18 BOYS$40002/23/18- 02/25/18F-SuItem Details


    Hoop it up girls! Put your skills in action. This league is designed for girls of all ability levels in 3rd to 12th grade. Emphasis is placed on learning the game through playing. Girls are placed on teams and compete in games among other teams in their age division.

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    Read Notice246118-ABASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 3-4$42/$5311/27/17- 02/21/18M, WItem Details
    Read Notice246118-BBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 5-6$42/$5311/27/17- 02/21/18M, WItem Details
    Read Notice246118-CBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 7-8$42/$5311/27/17- 02/21/18M, WItem Details
    Read Notice246118-DBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 9-12$42/$5311/27/17- 02/21/18M, WItem Details


    What makes a good babysitter who is asked back again and again? A good babysitter successfully combines the knowledge and skills associated with leadership, safety, safe play, basic care, first aid, and professionalism. This course has been designed around these six major themes. Participants will receive a certification card and reference textbook upon completion of the course.

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    Add to Cart261212-ABABYSITTING CLINIC$35/$4503/30/18- 03/30/18FItem Details
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