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    Create beautiful ceramic pieces for home or to give as gifts. This class is designed with special projects to instruct participants in the skill of greenware cleaning, glazing, and painting. All materials, with the exception of greenware, are provided to the class member.

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    Read Notice104412-BSENIOR CERAMIC CLASS$13/$2411/13/18- 01/22/19TuItem Details


    Join us for this dance class that will focus on the slow, controlled movements that make up low-impact ballet and lyrical dancing. This mixture of movements often tells a story or a feeling. You'll learn interpretive dance techniques to tell a story of a song.

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    Read Notice115111-ADANCE LYRICAL$34/$4409/28/18- 12/14/18FItem Details

    115313 - DANCE TAP

    The 5-6-7-8 Tap Class is an excellent way to keep mind and body healthy and strong. In this program, you will learn to make sounds that only “tappers with technique” can make. From the good old soft shoe sounds of yesteryear to the foot stompin’ rhythm of today, you will learn to tap your way to fitness and fun!

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    Read Notice115313-ADANCE TAP BEGINNER$34/$4409/28/18- 12/14/18FItem Details
    Read Notice115313-DDANCE TAP INTERMED$34/$4409/28/18- 12/14/18FItem Details


    Come out on Friday nights and play a variety of activities from
    dodgeball to bubble ball. Stay tuned for which activities will
    be offered! You can also enjoy pizza and ice cream during this
    exciting night of play.

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    Add to Cart121212-DGLADIATOR DODGEBALL 5/6$10/$1212/14/18- 12/14/18FItem Details
    Add to Cart121212-EGLADIATOR DODGEBALL 5/6$10/$1202/01/19- 02/01/19FItem Details


    Come out on Friday nights and play a variety of activities from dodgeball to bubble ball. Stay tuned for which activities will be offered! You can also enjoy pizza and ice cream during this exciting night of play.

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    Add to Cart121213-EVARIETY GRADES 7/8$10/$1202/15/19- 02/15/19FItem Details

    124312 - LINE DANCE ADULT

    Join our FREE adult line dancing program and join the fun! Volunteer instructors show you how to strut your stuff to a wide range of music. Participants learn or hone dance techniques, flexibility, coordination, and rhythm.

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    Add to Cart124312-ALINE DANCE ADVANCED$008/20/18- 12/19/18M-WItem Details
    Add to Cart124312-BLINE DANCE BEGINNERS$010/01/18- 12/19/18M-WItem Details

    126505 - PUPPY & DOG Q & A

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    Read Notice126505-BPUPPY & DOG Q & A$1002/19/19- 02/19/19TuItem Details


    Pickleball is fun for both the experienced and new player. Come play the fastest growing sport in the U.S.! An OCTC staff person will provide assistance with game set-up and basic instruction. This program is for those 18 years and older.

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    Read Notice143600-APICKLEBALL DROP IN$3/$508/28/18- 06/13/19M, Tu, ThItem Details

    144125 - VOLLEYBALL CLUB

    The Ocean City Recreation & Parks Department and the Delaware Volleyball Academy (DVA) have partnered to offer a volleyball club. Athletes can expect to learn motor skills, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and the fundamentals of volleyball. DVA brings a fun, energetic coaching staff with various backgrounds in teaching, fitness and volleyball!. Players that make the team will be given a full schedule of practices.

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    Read Notice144125-AVOLLEYBALL CLUB$500/$55009/30/18- 03/10/19SuItem Details

    153611 - YOGA

    Come and rejuvenate your body with gentle yoga adapted especially for beginners as well as Seniors. An excellent way to keep both mind and body healthy & strong. This class will show you how to stretch your whole body while connecting breathing with movement to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, improve balance and release stress. Yoga poses and sequences in this class can be done sitting on or standing next to chairs and on mats on the floor. (Mats are provided as well as other equipment) Wear comfortable clothes for freedom of movement.

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    Read Notice153611-BYOGA$40/$5110/25/18- 12/20/18ThItem Details


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    Read Notice200111-AAS LEGOS/ROBOTICS$32/$4301/07/19- 02/11/19VariesItem Details
    Read Notice200111-BAS OPEN GYM$32/$4301/08/19- 02/19/19TuItem Details
    Read Notice200111-CAS BOARD GAMES$32/$4301/02/19- 02/20/19WItem Details
    Read Notice200111-DAS FITNESS FUN$32/$4301/03/19- 02/21/19ThItem Details
    Read Notice200111-EAS MAKE & TAKE$32/$4301/04/19- 02/22/19FItem Details

    200222 - MIDNIGHTER

    Late-night recreational fun. The 2018 MID-NIGHTER with Gladiator Dodgeball, Laser Tag, bowling, video games, food and laughs promises an evening full of fun! This program ALWAYS sells out so register NOW!! Don't get left out!

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    Add to Cart200222-AMIDNIGHTER 5 - 6$37/$4501/05/19- 01/05/19SaItem Details
    Add to Cart200222-BMIDNIGHTER 7 - 8$37/$4501/26/19- 01/26/19SaItem Details

    200412 - DANCE BALLET, TAP & JAZZ

    This class is for children who have never danced before. Instruction will consist of three different styles of dance - ballet, tap & jazz. Dance instructor, Linda Natoli Gaither, will touch on each style and ensure that your child has fun experiencing all three!

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    Add to Cart200412-ADANCE BALLET, TAP$32/$4302/07/19- 04/04/19ThItem Details

    200413 - DANCE JAZZ

    Grab a friend or come alone, meet new friends and have some fun! This class provides participants with exercise and jazzy new dance steps, while increasing flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

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    Add to Cart200413-ADANCE JAZZ BEGINNER$34/$4402/06/19- 04/17/19WItem Details
    Add to Cart200413-BDANCE JAZZ EVE INTER$34/$4402/06/19- 04/17/19WItem Details
    Add to Cart200413-CDANCE JAZZ INTERMED$34/$4402/06/19- 04/17/19WItem Details

    201312 - AEROBICS CLASS

    Get your day off to a great start with a heart pumping, energizing workout! You can work at your own pace, which makes this peppy program perfect for all ages and fitness levels. The class includes a 40-minute aerobic workout, ending with resistance training (hand weights) and an optional abdominal routine. This is a people-friendly class with an enthusiastic group of fun-loving folks. Certified Instructor: Tammy Johnson.

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    Add to Cart201312-AAEROBICS LOW IMPACT$68/$8201/02/19- 03/22/19M, W, FItem Details
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