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    406110 - ART LEAGUE CAMP

    Kids can immerse themselves in creativity at Art Adventure Camp this summer. Sponsored by the Art League of Ocean City and held at their home, The Ocean City Center for the Arts on 94th Street. Art Adventure camp will offer a daily variety of art activities including, drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting, jewelry making, mixed media and more. Lots of fun activities are planned as well as time for individual artistic expression. Led by experienced art teachers and professional artists, your child will have fun, while building artistic skill.

    WHO: Kids, 6 to 14 years (must be entering grade 1)

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    Add to Cart406110-CART LEAGUE CAMP$160/$19007/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart406110-DART LEAGUE CAMP$160/$19007/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details

    417101 - BASEBALL CAMP

    University of Maryland baseball team will be here to direct our baseball camp this summer. The camp will focus on improving baseball skills through fun and innovative drills, for players of all ability levels.
    WHO: Kids, 7 to 14 years

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    Add to Cart417101-ABASEBALL CAMP$130/$15608/06/18- 08/08/18M-WItem Details

    417102 - OC TENNIS ACADEMY

    Our tennis professionals will work on more stroke production with a more in depth focus on court positioning. Both singles and doubles will be covered during the Academy.
    WHO: Kids, 12 to 18 years

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    Add to Cart417102-DTENNIS CAMP$96/$11807/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417102-ETENNIS CAMP$96/$11808/06/18- 08/09/18M-ThItem Details

    417103 - ROBOT CAMP

    Get ready to build some robots from the ground up. These kits are ideal for learning about gear structure, motor principles, and electronic circuits. Building robots challenges cognitive skills and helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A model rocket building class will follow the robot building class.
    WHO: Kids, 8 to 13 years

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    Add to Cart417103-AROBOT CAMP$140/$16807/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details

    417104 - MODEL ROCKET CAMP

    Calling all future astronauts and NASA engineers! Get ready to blast off with our Model Rocket Camp. Campers will construct, design, paint, and launch their model rockets under the watchful eye of our outstanding staff of certified educators. Students will develop an understanding of the physics involved with rocketry. The rockets come equipped with everything children need to launch them from a safe distance, using an electrical igniter, parachutes, small solid fuel engines, and a launch pad.
    WHO: Kids, 8 to 13 years

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    Add to Cart417104-AMODEL ROCKET CAMP$140/$16807/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details


    For kids entering the 5 & 6 grade, the energetic staff of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program will be leading hands-on, educational activities in and around our coastal bays. Participants will engage in outdoor investigations including seining, critter sampling, watershed studies, forestry and more! This camp offers two unique field trips during the week. One day will be spent kayaking on Ayers Creek and another adventuring on Assateague Island.
    In addition, campers will partake in team building exercises throughout the week.
    Limited to 12 campers each session.

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    Read Notice417105-AESTUARY EXPLORERS CA$110/$13307/24/18- 07/27/18Tu-FItem Details
    Read Notice417105-BESTUARY EXPLORERS CA$110/$13308/21/18- 08/24/18Tu-FItem Details


    Be a part of a fun and informative tennis experience. Our tennis professionals will key on tennis strokes and a basic understanding how to play singles and doubles. Racquets and balls are available to borrow.

    WHO: Kids, 8 to 11 years (Friday is a rain day.)

    Friday will be used as a make up day in the case of rain

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    Add to Cart417106-DTENNIS RISING STARS$96/$11807/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417106-ETENNIS RISING STAR$96/$11808/06/18- 08/09/18M-ThItem Details

    417110 - LEGO CAMP

    Join this interactive camp where your imagination can run wild. Instructors will interact and teach your child how to build themed projects throughout the week. Legos will be provided. Join the fun!
    WHO: Kids, 6 to13 years old

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    Add to Cart417110-ALEGO CAMP$140/$16808/20/18- 08/23/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417110-BLEGO CAMP$140/$16808/20/18- 08/23/18M-ThItem Details

    422110 - DANCE CAMP

    Turn, tumble, spin and mambo your way through this fun week of camp. In the Showtime Dance Camp participants will learn ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, gymnastics, performance make-up, hair and costumes all at Northside Park.
    WHO: Children, 6 to 12 years

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    Add to Cart422110-ASHOWTIME DANCE CAMP$130/$15607/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details

    437110 - SOCCER CAMP CO-ED

    Under the direction of Bobby McAvan, former coach and player for the Baltimore Blast, For The Love of Soccer Camp has a lot to offer youth soccer players of all skill levels. This will be Coach McAvan’s 30th year running this wonderful program. The camp offers instruction in both indoor and outdoor play, with the majority of play being indoors. The staff consists of proven pro level and college level players and coaches.
    WHO: Kids, 6 to 14 years

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    Add to Cart437110-CSOCCER CO-ED CAMP$130/$15607/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details


    Here’s where the littlest of players gather for summer fun. Healthy attitudes toward tennis and stroke basics are foundations of this camp. Non-competitive environment.
    WHO: Kids, 4 to 7 years

    Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday (Friday is rain day.)

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    Add to Cart443017-DTENNIS CAMP PEEWEE$96/$11807/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart443017-ETENNIS CAMP PEEWEE$96/$11808/06/18- 08/09/18M-ThItem Details


    Campers will learn the fundamentals of volleyball including how to serve, dig, set, and SPIKE! Participants will receive instruction tailored to their individual age and ability level, allowing both beginners and advanced players to excel in the program.

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    Add to Cart444110-AVOLLEYBALL CAMP$130/$15607/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details


    Kelly Baskow, Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Salisbury University, will serve as the Camp Director. The camp will concentrate on skill development through fun drills and fun competitive games. Focus is on teaching the fundamentals of the game. Develop the foundation of skills necessary to reach your ultimate potential as a player.
    WHO: Girls, 7 to 17 years

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    Add to Cart446710-ABASKETBALL GIRLS CAM$130/$15608/06/18- 08/09/18M-ThItem Details

    453110 - SKATEBOARD CAMP

    Want some help learning that next big trick? Come join us at Ocean City’s famous Ocean Bowl Skate Camp this summer. This camp is for skaters of all ability levels, so whether you’re just beginning or simply wanting to improve your skills, the Ocean Bowl Skate Park is the place to be.
    WHO: Kids, 6 to 17 years

    Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday - Held at Ocean Bowl Skate Park, 3rd Street Bayside

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    Add to Cart453110-CSKATEBOARD CAMP$130/$15608/13/18- 08/16/18M-ThItem Details


    This co-ed 5-on-5 non-contact flag football camp is fast-paced, with drills and games designed for kids to have fun while learning basic skills. The Director, Coach Tom LaNeve, has been committed to youth sports for over 20 years. He has had an ongoing partnership with the 2012 Baltimore Ravens Superbowl Champions organizing and developing youth football camps. Tom has coached five NFL Flag National Finalists and has served on the advisory boards of Junior Goodwill Games, MLB’s Diamond Skills Program and NFL Flag.
    WHO: Kids, 6 to 14 years

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    Add to Cart455110-AFLAG FOOTBALL CAMP$130/$15607/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details


    Ocean City's SUP camp will teach your child the fundamentals of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) with excellent instruction from certified instructors of Best Aquatics. The camp will cover proper stance and form, paddle techniques and water safety. Whether you are interested in the fitness benefits of SUP, are planning to eventually surf or just out to have a good time, you will get exactly what you need to get started the right way.
    WHO: Kids, 6 to 14 years

    Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Monday - Wednesday (ages 6 - 9)
    Camp Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday - Wednesday (ages 10-14)

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    Add to Cart456116-EPADDLEBOARD CAMP 6-9$100/$12208/13/18- 08/15/18M-WItem Details
    Add to Cart456116-FPADDLEBOARD CAMP 10-$100/$12208/13/18- 08/15/18M-WItem Details

    458110 - FISHING CAMP

    Don't let the big one get away! This camp will teach young anglers the skills and knowledge needed for a lifetime of fun catching fish. Campers will learn casting skills and how to tie flies and lures as well as engage in "hands on," nature-based activities that inspire campers to become stewards of our natural resources and outdoor traditions. On the final day, campers will board the Happy Hooker to put their newly honed skills to the test, with the chance to catch flounder, bluefish and croakers!

    A 40% non-refundable deposit is required per camper with the balance due prior to the start of the camp.

    Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday - Camp meets at Northside Park
    Camp Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. Friday - Camp meets at Talbot Street and the Bay.

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    Add to Cart458110-CFISHING CAMP$160/$19208/08/18- 08/10/18W-FItem Details
    Add to Cart458110-DFISHING CAMP$160/$19208/15/18- 08/17/18W-FItem Details
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