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    We will once again host the Ocean City Spring Pickleball Tournment. This well attended tournament boasts great compeititon playing indoors at our fantastic facility. Multiple age groups and skill levels offered. Contact us at 410-250-0125 for more information about this "not be be missed" event! Registration deadline is April 19.

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    Read Notice300600-EWOMEN'S DBL 55 - 64$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300600-FMIXED DOUBLES 55-64$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300600-GMEN'S DBL AGE 65+$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300600-HWOMEN'S DBL AGE 65+$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300600-IMIXED DOUBLES 65+$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details

    301312 - AEROBICS CLASS

    Get your day off to a great start with a heart pumping, energizing workout! You can work at your own pace, which makes this peppy program perfect for all ages and fitness levels. The class includes a 40-minute aerobic workout, ending with resistance training (hand weights) and an optional abdominal routine. This is a people-friendly class with an enthusiastic group of fun-loving folks. Certified Instructor: Tammy Johnson.

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    Read Notice301312-AAEROBICS LOW IMPACT$68/$8203/25/19- 05/31/19M, W, FItem Details
    Read Notice301312-BAEROBICS STEP IT UP$68/$8203/25/19- 05/31/19M, W, FItem Details

    303412 - WATER AEROBICS

    This professionally executed aquatic exercise program is designed to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The Carousel Hotel offers their pool with water that is waist to chest deep. An experienced instructor will take you through this wonderful program.

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    Read Notice303412-ASR WATER AEROBICS$29/$4003/05/19- 03/28/19Tu, ThItem Details
    Read Notice303412-CSR WATER AEROBICS$29/$4004/30/19- 05/23/19Tu, ThItem Details


    Create beautiful ceramic pieces for home or to give as gifts. This class offers instruction in the skill of greenware cleaning, glazing, and painting decoration methods. All materials, with the exception of greenware, are provided to the class member.

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    Read Notice304412-ASENIOR CERAMIC CLASS$13/$2403/26/19- 05/14/19TuItem Details


    This annual Bingo is held at the MAC Center and celebrates everything green. Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day and enjoy coffee, donuts, and great prizes at no cost! Prizes for bingo and for the person wearing the most green!

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    Read Notice313419-ASENIOR BINGO ST. PAT$003/13/19- 03/13/19WItem Details


    Come out and play the exciting game of Gladiator Dodgeball. This game incorporates dodgeball, flag football, and capture the flag. You can also enjoy pizza and ice cream during this exciting night of play so don't be left out, sign up today!

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    Read Notice321212-BDODGEBALL GRADES 5/6$10/$1205/10/19- 05/10/19FItem Details
    Read Notice321212-CDODGEBALL GRADES 7/8$10/$1204/05/19- 04/05/19FItem Details
    Read Notice321212-DDODGEBALL GRADES 7/8$10/$1205/03/19- 05/03/19FItem Details

    326509 - DOG OBEDIENCE

    Does your dog walk you, jump on visitors, and chew on everything except that expensive toy you spent hours selecting? Then it might be time for an obedience class! Dogs naturally want to please their owners and certain skills are necessary to communicate what you want from them. This intensive 8–week class helps you establish a new, positive relationship from which both you and your pet can benefit.

    The Puppy Class is for pups 8 weeks to 6 months and focuses on socialization as well as house breaking procedures and training methods. The Beginner Class is for the inexperienced dog, while the Advanced Class is for the more experienced dog that has already graduated from prior classes. Puppy and Beginner owners should not bring dogs on the first class.

    Inoculation records are required. The class meets on Tuesdays except for the last class, which will be held on Thursday.

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    Read Notice326509-ADOG OBED BEGINNER$70/$8404/16/19- 05/30/19Tu, ThItem Details
    Read Notice326509-BDOG OBED ADVANCED$70/$8404/16/19- 05/30/19Tu, ThItem Details
    Read Notice326509-CPUPPY OBEDIENCE$60/$7204/16/19- 05/30/19Tu, ThItem Details

    330521 - FAMILY DANCE

    Daddy-daughter duos and Mommy-son teams gather at Northside Park for an evening out with music and fun! Get all dolled up or keep it casual for a classic dance with your kiddo. We will have a DJ, photo area for selfies, and pizza. Spend some quality time together while you boogie. Pre-registration is required.

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    Read Notice330521-AFAMILY DANCE$6/$805/10/19- 05/10/19FItem Details


    Train by rallying and playing games. Emphasis will be on stroke improvement, game strategies, how to handle high balls and come in for short balls.

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    Read Notice343111-ATENNIS CLINIC JUNIOR$60/$7205/14/19- 05/30/19Tu, ThItem Details
    Read Notice343111-BTENNIS CLINIC PEEWEE$60/$7205/14/19- 05/30/19Tu, ThItem Details

    353600 - AGELESS GRACE

    Ageless Grace is a brain health exercise program that works the core and activates the organs and systems of the body, all while seated in a chair. The 21 tools of the program are based on the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change structurally and functionally. All the tools stimulate and utilize the five functions of the brain: analytic, strategic, kinesthetic, learning, memory/recall, and creativity/imagination. Just two or three tools each day, for no more than 10 minutes, is all that’s required to get plenty of benefit from the program. No need to go to the gym and no need for special equipment. All that's needed is a chair, a clock, some music and the willingness to have lots of FUN!

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    Read Notice353600-AAGELESS GRACE$13/$2404/24/19- 05/29/19WItem Details

    353611 - YOGA

    Come and rejuvenate your body with gentle yoga adapted especially for beginners as well as Seniors. An excellent way to keep both mind and body healthy & strong. This class will show you how to stretch your whole body while connecting breathing with movement to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, improve balance and release stress. Yoga poses and sequences in this class can be done sitting on or standing next to chairs and on mats on the floor. (Mats are provided as well as other equipment) Wear comfortable clothes for freedom of movement.

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    Read Notice353611-AYOGA$40/$5104/25/19- 06/13/19ThItem Details

    356111 - GOLF CLINIC

    Boys and girls receive basic golf instruction in this after school program. Stuart Jarmon, PGA, Eagle's Landing Assistant Golf Pro, is excellent at working with children of all ages and abilities. All Sections of this clinic meet at the Eagle’s Landing Clubhouse.

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    Read Notice356111-AGOLF CLINIC$50/$6004/11/19- 05/16/19ThItem Details

    356138 - TRACK & FIELD CLINIC

    Come join the Track & Field Clinic offered by our department at Stephen Decatur High School. The track meets will be held on Saturdays. The event will include running, jumping and throwing.

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    Read Notice356138-ATRACK & FIELD CLINIC$30/$4103/30/19- 05/04/19SaItem Details


    What makes a good babysitter who is asked back again and again? A good babysitter successfully combines the knowledge and skills associated with leadership, safety, safe play, basic care, first aid, and professionalism. This course has been designed around these six major themes. Participants will receive a certification card and reference textbook upon completion of the course.

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    Read Notice361212-ABABYSITTING CLINIC$40/$5004/06/19- 04/06/19SaItem Details
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