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    237110 - SOCCER LEAGUE CO-ED

    The indoor game of soccer is much different than the outdoor game. It moves faster, many more goals are scored, and there are fewer players on the field, which allows more contact with the ball. The dasher walls keep the ball confined and moving fast. This game is exciting and is sure to be a favorite with the soccer community.

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    Read Notice237110-ESOCCER INDOOR 9-12$50/$6011/02/19- 01/25/20SaItem Details


    Come in from the outdoor clinic and enjoy playing indoors, off the walls! The dasher boards provide a unique bounce of the soccer ball as you attempt to pass to a teammate or make a goal. Sign up now and learn basic techniques of this indoor game. Sign up with a friend to learn and have fun together.

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    Add to Cart237111-ASOCCER CLINIC INDOOR$30/$4101/03/20- 02/14/20FItem Details


    This league offers Sunday soccer at its finest. The league is designed for select/travel teams to improve their skills and stay in shape during the winter months. Teams should register together and be prepared to play hard during this exciting competitive season. The program is operated just like an adult league with teams finding their own sponsorship/support.

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    Read Notice237138-ASOCCER SUNDAY HS$60012/08/19- 02/09/20SuItem Details


    Teams of six battle it out on the court in exciting league action. A deposit will be due prior to the start of the league in order to ensure a space in the league. Team representatives are required to attend the pre-season meeting and agree to act as a liaison between the Recreation Department and the team.

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    Read Notice245301-AVOLLEYBALL CO-REC$30002/19/19- 05/07/19TuItem Details


    Hoop it up girls! Put your skills in action. This league is designed for girls of all ability levels in 3rd to 12th grade. Emphasis is placed on learning the game through playing. Girls are placed on teams and compete in games among other teams in their age division.

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    Add to Cart246118-ABASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 3-4$50/$6011/18/19- 02/19/20M, WItem Details
    Add to Cart246118-BBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 5-6$50/$6011/18/19- 02/19/20M, WItem Details
    Add to Cart246118-CBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 7-8$50/$6011/18/19- 02/19/20M, WItem Details
    Add to Cart246118-DBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 9-12$50/$6011/18/19- 02/19/20M, WItem Details


    Play organized basketball on teams selected in age specific divisions. Volunteer coaches help boys learn the basics of basketball in a game environment. Teams compete in regular season games, followed by a season ending HOOPMANIA event.

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    Add to Cart247118-ABASKETBALL BOYS GRADES 3-4$50/$6011/19/19- 02/20/20Tu, ThItem Details
    Add to Cart247118-BBASKETBALL BOYS GRADES 5-6$50/$6011/19/19- 02/20/20Tu, ThItem Details
    Add to Cart247118-CBASKETBALL BOYS GRADES 7-8$50/$6011/19/19- 02/20/20Tu, ThItem Details


    This exciting league for high school boys is designed for fastpaced, competitive, 4v4 half court style play. This format assures lots of moving, running, shooting and scoring for the entire program time.

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    Add to Cart247119-ABASKETBALL BOYS 9-12$45/$5312/12/19- 02/13/20ThItem Details


    This clinic is an introduction to the game of basketball. Boys and girls will learn all the basic skills needed to improve their play. They will have fun with friends learning new drills and playing practice games on eight foot baskets. Parents, sign up to assist with this exciting program for your child!

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    Add to Cart247611-ABASKETBALL CLINIC$30/$4101/08/20- 02/12/20WItem Details

    253611 - YOGA

    Come and rejuvenate your body with gentle yoga adapted especially for beginners as well as Seniors. An excellent way to keep both mind and body healthy & strong. This class will show you how to stretch your whole body while connecting breathing with movement to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, improve balance and release stress. Yoga poses and sequences in this class can be done sitting on or standing next to chairs and on mats on the floor. (Mats are provided as well as other equipment) Wear comfortable clothes for freedom of movement.

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    Add to Cart253611-AYOGA$40/$5101/16/20- 03/05/20ThItem Details
    Add to Cart253611-BYOGA$40/$5103/12/20- 04/30/20ThItem Details

    253613 - TAI CHI

    Tai Chi is a proven safe and effective practice for balancing the body. Also known as Moving Meditation, Tai Chi stores energy and brings awareness to inner self, relaxes the mind, body and breathing. This class will help you reduce stress, lower high blood pressure, improve stability and protect against falls. Certified instructor: Kim Reed

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    Add to Cart253613-ATAI CHI$40/$5101/08/20- 02/26/20WItem Details

    259318 - FUTSAL LEAGUE

    Want to elevate your soccer game? Try the hottest soccer skill developer around. Itís FUTSAL! Played around the world, professionals use this game to keep their skills sharp. You play soccer on an indoor court but without walls. You will learn to move without the ball and support your teammates when they have the ball. Your ball control and touches will develop quickly and your speed of play will improve. The game is set up to help advanced players move to the next level while having a ton of fun.

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    Add to Cart259318-AFUTSAL 2010 - UP$47/$5812/01/19- 02/02/20SuItem Details
    Add to Cart259318-CFUTSAL 2006 - 2007$47/$5812/01/19- 02/02/20SuItem Details


    Looking for a last minute holiday gift, ask about our Winterfest Soccer Camp Gift Certificates. Sign your son or daughter up for the only holiday camp in the area and receive a soccer ball, tee shirt and lots of give-a-ways. Campers will also receive a pizza party on Wednesday. (Each camper should bring a non-perishable lunch on Tuesday.)

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    Add to Cart263110-AWINTERFEST SOCCER$50/$6012/30/19- 12/31/19M, TuItem Details

    300422 - LINE DANCE GALORE

    This annual event encompasses a full evening of great food and fun, including pizza, soda, bottled water and ice cream. Itís time to put those line dance lessons to the test with a top disc jockey. Itís sure to be a foot stompiní memorable time! *No Registration at the Door!

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    Read Notice300422-ALINE DANCE GALORE$7/$906/04/19- 06/04/19TuItem Details


    Welcome to the Ocean City NASP Open Archery Tournament for Elementary, Middle and High School participants. Participants must sign up through their NASP Coach and must be from a NASP participating program. Go to to locate link for additional information.

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    Read Notice300500-AARCHERY ES TARGET$2005/04/19- 05/04/19SaItem Details
    Read Notice300500-BARCHERY MS TARGET$2005/04/19- 05/04/19SaItem Details
    Read Notice300500-CARCHERY HS TARGET$2005/04/19- 05/04/19SaItem Details


    We will once again host the Ocean City Spring Pickleball Tournment. This well attended tournament boasts great compeititon playing indoors at our fantastic facility. Multiple age groups and skill levels offered. Contact us at 410-250-0125 for more information about this "not be be missed" event! Registration deadline is April 19.

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    Read Notice300600-AMEN DBL OPEN- AGE 54$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300600-BWOMEN DBL OPEN- 54$4005/04/19- 05/05/19Sa, SuItem Details
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