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    100412 - DANCE TAP, JAZZ, BALLET

    This class is for children who have never danced before. Instruction will consist of three different styles of dance - ballet, tap & jazz. Dance instructor, Linda Natoli Gaither, will touch on each style and ensure that your child has fun experiencing all three!

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    Read Notice100412-ADANCE TAP, JAZZ,BALL$32/$4309/27/18- 11/15/18ThItem Details

    101315 - LAZER TAG

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    Read Notice101315-ALAZER TAG$15/$1810/28/18- 10/28/18SuItem Details
    Add to Cart101315-BLAZER TAG$15/$1812/02/18- 12/02/18SuItem Details


    Come out on Friday nights and play a variety of activities from dodgeball to bubble ball. Stay tuned for which activities will be offered! You can also enjoy pizza and ice cream during this exciting night of play.

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    Read Notice121213-DVARIETY GRADES 7/8$10/$1212/07/18- 12/07/18FItem Details
    Read Notice121213-EVARIETY GRADES 7/8$10/$1202/15/19- 02/15/19FItem Details


    In this clinic younger players and beginners are taught the basics of field hockey while having fun and making new friends. By the end of the six weeks, all participants will experience play time. Participants will gain experience that will help prepare them for future play. Both beginners and players with some experience are welcome!

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    Read Notice127112-AFIELD HOCKEY BEGIN$30/$4109/10/18- 10/15/18MItem Details


    Volleyball players will learn the fundamentals of volleyball including how to serve, dig, set, and Spike! Participants will receive instruction tailored to their individual age and ability level.

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    Add to Cart144124-AVOLLEYBALL CLINIC$50/$6009/12/18- 10/17/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart144124-BVOLLEYBALL CLINIC$50/$6009/12/18- 10/17/18WItem Details


    The fall youth flag football league for both boys and girls is the fastest growing league at Ocean City Recreation and Parks! The five-on-five game format is recognizable to football fans and easy to learn. The offensive team plays for a first down and a touchdown in the end zone. The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer, and grabs flags to make “tackles.” Kids will learn football fundamentals while having fun and making new friends.

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    Add to Cart155111-AFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$45/$5608/29/18- 10/24/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-BFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$45/$5608/29/18- 10/24/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-CFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$45/$5608/29/18- 10/24/18WItem Details


    Come join our competitive, yet fun, floor hockey club and shine like an NHL star. This program is suitable for players of all ability levels, but come ready to play hard. Players wear sneakers instead of skates. Mouth guards, gloves, and shin guards are required.

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    Add to Cart161324-AFLOOR HOCKEY CLINIC$30/$4109/24/18- 10/29/18MItem Details

    200412 - DANCE BALLET, TAP & JAZZ

    This class is for children who have never danced before. Instruction will consist of three different styles of dance - ballet, tap & jazz. Dance instructor, Linda Natoli Gaither, will touch on each style and ensure that your child has fun experiencing all three!

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    Read Notice200412-ADANCE BALLET, TAP$32/$4302/07/19- 04/04/19ThItem Details


    Hoop it up girls! Put your skills in action. This league is designed for girls of all ability levels in 3rd to 12th grade. Emphasis is placed on learning the game through playing. Girls are placed on teams and compete in games among other teams in their age division.

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    Read Notice246118-ABASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 3-4$45/$5611/26/18- 02/20/19M, WItem Details
    Read Notice246118-BBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 5-6$45/$5611/26/18- 02/20/19M, WItem Details
    Read Notice246118-CBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 7-8$45/$5611/26/18- 02/20/19M, WItem Details
    Read Notice246118-DBASKETBALL GIRLS GRADES 9-12$45/$5611/26/18- 02/20/19M, WItem Details


    Play organized basketball on teams selected in age specific divisions. Volunteer coaches help boys learn the basics of basketball in a game environment. Teams compete in regular season games, followed by a season ending HOOPMANIA event.

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    Add to Cart247118-ABASKETBALL BOYS GRADES 3-4$45/$5611/27/18- 02/14/19Tu, ThItem Details
    Add to Cart247118-BBASKETBALL BOYS GRADES 5-6$45/$5611/27/18- 02/14/19Tu, ThItem Details
    Read Notice247118-CBASKETBALL BOYS GRADES 7-8$45/$5611/27/18- 02/14/19Tu, ThItem Details


    This exciting league for high school boys is designed for fastpaced, competitive, 4v4 half court style play. This format assures lots of moving, running, shooting and scoring for the entire program time.

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    Read Notice247119-ABASKETBALL BOYS 9-10$45/$5612/04/18- 02/05/19TuItem Details
    Add to Cart247119-BBASKETBALL BOY 11-12$45/$5612/06/18- 02/07/19ThItem Details


    This clinic is an introduction to the game of basketball. Boys and girls will learn all the basic skills needed to improve their play. They will have fun with friends learning new drills and playing practice games on eight foot baskets. Parents, sign up to assist with this exciting program for your child!

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    Add to Cart247611-ABASKETBALL CLINIC$30/$4101/02/19- 02/06/19WItem Details


    You'll want to include this 4-day program in your summer plans. A learning program that helps step you right up the ranks to Beach Patrol material. It's definitely fun in the sun! Participants must know how to swim and should report to the Ocean CIty Beach Patrol Headquarters, 109 Talbot Street, at 7:45 am on the first day of camp.

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    Add to Cart400100-AJR BEACH PATROL$108/$13207/10/18- 07/13/18Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-BJR BEACH PATROL$108/$13207/17/18- 07/20/18Tu-FItem Details
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