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    This class is for children who have never danced before. Instruction will consist of three different styles of dance. Dance instructor, Linda Natoli Gaither, will touch on each style and ensure that your child has fun experiencing all three!

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    Add to Cart100412-ADANCE TAP, JAZZ,BALL$32/$4309/28/17- 11/16/17ThItem Details
    Add to Cart100412-BDANCE TAP,JAZZ, BALL$32/$4309/28/17- 11/16/17ThItem Details


    In this clinic younger players and beginners are taught the basics of field hockey while having fun and making new friends. By the end of the six weeks, all participants will experience play time. Participants will gain experience that will help prepare them for future play. Both beginners and players with some experience are welcome!

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    Add to Cart127112-AFIELD HOCKEY BEGIN$30/$4109/11/17- 10/16/17MItem Details


    The fall youth flag football league for both boys and girls is the fastest growing league at Ocean City Recreation and Parks! The five-on-five game format is recognizable to football fans and easy to learn. The offensive team plays for a first down and a touchdown in the end zone. The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer, and grabs flags to make “tackles.” Kids will learn football fundamentals while having fun and making new friends.

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    Add to Cart155111-AFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5309/06/17- 11/08/17WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-BFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5309/06/17- 11/08/17W, ThItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-CFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5309/06/17- 11/08/17WItem Details

    200412 - DANCE TAP/ JAZZ YOUTH

    This class is for children who have never danced before. Instruction will consist of three different styles of dance. Dance instructor, Linda Natoli Gaither, will touch on each style and ensure that your child has fun experiencing all three!

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    Read Notice200412-ADANCE TAP/JAZZ YOUTH$32/$4302/08/18- 03/29/18ThItem Details
    Add to Cart200412-BDANCE TAP/JAZZ YOUTH$32/$4302/08/18- 03/29/18ThItem Details


    Welcome to the Ocean City NASP Open Archery Tournament for Elementary, Middle and High School participants. Participants must sign up through their NASP Coach and must be from a NASP participating program. Go to to locate link for additional information.

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    Read Notice300500-AARCHERY ES TARGET$2005/20/17- 05/21/17Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300500-BARCHERY MS TARGET$2005/20/17- 05/21/17Sa, SuItem Details
    Read Notice300500-CARCHERY HS TARGET$2005/20/17- 05/21/17Sa, SuItem Details


    Come out and play the new exciting game of Gladiator Dodgeball. This game incorporates dodgeball, flag football, and capture the flag. You can also enjoy pizza and ice cream during this exciting night of play so don?t be left out, sign up today!

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    Read Notice321212-BDODGEBALL GRADES 5/6$10/$1205/19/17- 05/19/17FItem Details

    335013 - LET'S MOVE! BE FIT!

    Motion Works Fitness will introduce basic aspects of fitness while incorporating education and allowing kids to use their imagination. Each class will be based on a different theme (Jungle, Circus, Beach, Toys & Games, Farm and Careers) and will include a warm up, dance moves, yoga, imaginative sports and travel, boot camp and a cool down session. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle,

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    Read Notice335013-ALET'S MOVE! BE FIT!$30/$4104/10/17- 05/22/17MItem Details


    This league is designed to provide area youth with the opportunity to learn and practice the skills of soccer in an organized league setting. The first two practices will be held outdoors. The reminding practices and games will be held indoors at Northside Park Recreation Complex.

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    Read Notice337118-ASOCCER GRADES K-2$42/$5303/13/17- 05/15/17MItem Details
    Read Notice337118-BSOCCER GRADES 3-4$42/$5303/13/17- 05/15/17MItem Details
    Read Notice337118-CSOCCER GRADES 5-6$42/$5303/13/17- 05/15/17MItem Details
    Read Notice337118-DSOCCER GRADES 7-8$42/$5303/13/17- 05/15/17MItem Details

    356111 - GOLF CLINIC

    Boys and girls receive basic golf instruction in this after school program. Bob Croll, Eagle’s Landing Golf Pro and his staff are excellent at working with children of all ages and abilities. All Sections of this clinic meet at the Eagle’s Landing Clubhouse.

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    Read Notice356111-AGOLF CLINIC$6004/13/17- 05/18/17ThItem Details

    367111 - ARCHERY CLINIC

    Our archery program is fun and safe. Sessions are available for both beginners and intermediate archers. (Intermediate archers are those who have already taken our beginner clinic.) Children will learn safety on the range and how to properly hold and shoot a genesis bow while aiming at targets. Space is limited.

    Participants in Session B* must have completed the Beginner Archery Clinic. All Children must be present the first day of the clinic for both sessions.

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    Read Notice367111-AARCHERY BEGINNER$50/$6004/05/17- 05/10/17WItem Details
    Read Notice367111-BARCHERY INTERMEDIATE$50/$6004/05/17- 05/10/17WItem Details


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    Add to Cart400100-CJR BEACH PATROL$108/$13007/25/17- 07/28/17Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-DJR BEACH PATROL$108/$13008/01/17- 08/04/17Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-EJR BEACH PATROL$108/$13008/08/17- 08/11/17Tu-FItem Details
    Add to Cart400100-FJR BEACH PATROL$108/$13008/15/17- 08/18/17Tu-FItem Details

    400200 - JR BEACH PATROL 1 - DAY

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    Add to Cart400200-UJR BEACH PATROL DAY$30/$3507/27/17- 07/27/17ThItem Details
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