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    Learn drills and exciting skills from Salisbury University former Head Coach Steve Holmes and his staff. Have fun meeting new friends from around the state, play games each day and compete in individual contests. This camp helps players of all abilities develop or refine fundamental basketball skills. Fine tune your game to become a more confident, efficient, and versatile player.
    WHO: Kids, 7 to 17 years

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    Add to Cart412110-ABASKETBALL CO-ED CAM$130/$15606/18/18- 06/21/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart412110-BBASKETBALL CO-ED CAM$130/$15606/25/18- 06/28/18M-ThItem Details

    417101 - BASEBALL CAMP

    University of Maryland baseball team will be here to direct our baseball camp this summer. The camp will focus on improving baseball skills through fun and innovative drills, for players of all ability levels.
    WHO: Kids, 7 to 14 years

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    Add to Cart417101-ABASEBALL CAMP$130/$15608/06/18- 08/08/18M-WItem Details

    417102 - TENNIS CAMP

    Our tennis will work on more stroke production with a more in depth focus on court positioning. Both singles and doubles will be covered during the Academy.
    WHO: Kids, 12 to 18 years

    Friday will be used as a make up day in the case of rain

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    Add to Cart417102-ATENNIS CAMP$96/$11806/18/18- 06/21/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417102-BTENNIS CAMP$96/$11806/25/18- 06/28/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417102-CTENNIS CAMP$96/$11807/09/18- 07/12/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417102-DTENNIS CAMP$96/$11807/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417102-ETENNIS CAMP$96/$11808/06/18- 08/09/18M-ThItem Details

    417103 - ROBOT CAMP

    Get ready to build some robots from the ground up. These kits are ideal for learning about gear structure, motor principles, and electronic circuits. Building robots challenges cognitive skills, help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A model rocket building class will follow the robot building class.
    WHO: Kids, 8 to 13 years

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    Add to Cart417103-AROBOT CAMP$140/$16807/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details

    417104 - MODEL ROCKET CAMP

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    Add to Cart417104-AMODEL ROCKET CAMP$140/$16807/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details


    Be a part of a fun and informative tennis experience. Our tennis professionals will key on their tennis strokes and a basic understanding how to play singles and doubles
    WHO: Kids, 8 to 11 years

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    Add to Cart417106-ATENNIS RISING STAR$96/$11806/18/18- 06/21/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417106-BTENNIS RISING STAR$96/$11806/25/18- 06/28/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417106-CTENNIS RISING STAR$96/$11807/09/18- 07/12/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417106-DTENNIS RISING STARS$96/$11807/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417106-ETENNIS RISING STAR$96/$11808/06/18- 08/09/18M-ThItem Details

    417110 - LEGO CAMP

    Join this interactive camp, where your imagination can run wild. Build to your heartís content, with the Lego camp. Instructors will bring the Legos and interact and teach your child how to themed projects throughout the week. Join the fun!
    WHO: Kids, 6 to13 years old

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    Add to Cart417110-ALEGO CAMP$140/$16808/20/18- 08/23/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart417110-BLEGO CAMP$140/$16808/20/18- 08/23/18M-ThItem Details

    422110 - DANCE CAMP

    Turn, tumble, spin and mambo your way through this fun week of camp. In the Showtime Dance Camp participants will learn ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, gymnastics, performance make-up, hair and costumes all at Northside Park.
    WHO: Children, 6 to 12 years

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    Add to Cart422110-ADANCE CAMP$130/$15607/30/18- 08/02/18M-ThItem Details


    Crease Coach has honored the insane world of lacrosse goalies, with over 100 goalie clinics nationwide in the last five years, and has partnered on more than a dozen camps with the best face-off coaches in the country to allow for a combined training in the game's specialty positions. All of our events elave goalies with noticeable improvement, but more importantly the knowledge, drills, and inspiration to continue to better themselves in the cage. Campers will be split up into groups based on their age and skill level with a 4:1 player to coach ratio. This camp is targeted to all goalies and face-off specialists of all skill levels, both girls and boys.
    Campers must bring their own equipment including a mouth guard, stick, pads, gloves and helmet.

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    Read Notice424243-ALACROSSE GOALIE CAMP$195/$22006/30/18- 07/01/18Sa, SuItem Details

    437110 - SOCCER CAMP CO-ED

    Under the direction of Bobby McAvan, former coach and player for the Baltimore Blast, For The Love of Soccer Camp has a lot to offer youth soccer players of all skill levels. This will be Coach McAvanís 30th year running this wonderful program. The camp offers instruction in both indoor and outdoor play, with the majority of play being indoors. The staff consists of proven pro level and college level players and coaches.
    WHO: Kids, 6 to 14 years

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    Add to Cart437110-ASOCCER CO-ED CAMP$130/$15607/09/18- 07/12/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart437110-BSOCCER CO-ED CAMP$130/$15607/16/18- 07/19/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart437110-CSOCCER CO-ED CAMP$130/$15607/23/18- 07/26/18M-ThItem Details


    Hereís where the littlest of players gather for summer fun. Healthy attitudes toward tennis and stroke basics are foundations of this camp. Non-competitive environment.
    WHO: Kids, 4 to 7 years

    Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Monday - Thursday

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    Add to Cart443017-ATENNIS CAMP PEEWEE$96/$11806/18/18- 06/21/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart443017-BTENNIS CAMP PEEWEE$96/$11806/25/18- 06/28/18M-ThItem Details
    Add to Cart443017-CTENNIS CAMP PEEWEE$96/$11807/09/18- 07/12/18M-ThItem Details
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