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    Pickleball is fun for both the experienced and new player. Come play the fastest growing sport in the U.S.! An OCTC staff person will provide assistance with game set-up and basic instruction. This program is for those 18 years and older.

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    Read Notice143600-APICKLEBALL DROP IN$3/$503/05/18- 06/14/18M, Tu, ThItem Details

    154119 - SOCCER DROP IN

    Gather your friends and “get in a good run for the day” at Northside Park. Whether you want to play on a full court or just kick the ball around” we can accommodate your needs. Soccer balls are available for loan with a current driver’s license. WHO: All ages (primarily adult participation)

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    Read Notice154119-ASOCCER DROP IN$3/$403/06/18- 08/28/18TuItem Details


    The fall youth flag football league for both boys and girls is the fastest growing league at Ocean City Recreation and Parks! The five-on-five game format is recognizable to football fans and easy to learn. The offensive team plays for a first down and a touchdown in the end zone. The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer, and grabs flags to make “tackles.” Kids will learn football fundamentals while having fun and making new friends.

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    Add to Cart155111-AFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5308/22/18- 10/24/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-BFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5308/22/18- 10/24/18WItem Details
    Add to Cart155111-CFLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE$42/$5308/22/18- 10/24/18WItem Details

    200413 - DANCE JAZZ

    Grab a friend or come alone, meet new friends and have some fun! This class provides participants with exercise and jazzy new dance steps, while increasing flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

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    Read Notice200413-ADANCE JAZZ BEGINNER$34/$4402/07/18- 04/25/18WItem Details
    Read Notice200413-BDANCE JAZZ EVE INTER$34/$4402/07/18- 04/25/18WItem Details
    Read Notice200413-CDANCE JAZZ INTERMED$34/$4402/07/18- 04/25/18WItem Details

    201313 - FUN FROLIC & FITNESS

    Join us for an hour of excitement, motor development movement and creative songs! Your child will learn how to move through his/her world with the use of balls, bean bags, hula hoops, and color cones. Basic gymnastics skills using tumbling mats, low balance beams and mini trampolines, will also be part of your child's experience, along with creative games and movement songs. This program will not only improve your child’s coordination, flexibility and strength, it will entertain them with an hour filled with fun, frolic, and fitness!

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    Read Notice201313-AFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details
    Read Notice201313-BFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details
    Read Notice201313-CFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details
    Read Notice201313-DFUN FROLIC & FITNESS$32/$4304/05/18- 05/10/18ThItem Details

    215111 - DANCE LYRICAL

    Join us for this dance class that will focus on the slow, controlled movements that make up low-impact ballet and lyrical dancing. This mixture of movements often tells a story or a feeling. You'll learn interpretive dance techniques to tell a story of a song.

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    Read Notice215111-ADANCE LYRICAL$34/$4402/09/18- 04/27/18FItem Details

    215313 - DANCE TAP

    The 5-6-7-8 Tap Class is an excellent way to keep mind and body healthy and strong. In this program, you will learn to make sounds that only “tappers with technique” can make. From the good old soft shoe sounds of yesteryear to the foot stompin’ rhythm of today, you will learn to tap your way to fitness and fun!

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    Read Notice215313-ADANCE TAP BEGINNER$34/$4402/09/18- 04/27/18FItem Details
    Read Notice215313-BDANCE TAP EVE BEGINN$34/$4402/07/18- 04/25/18WItem Details
    Read Notice215313-CDANCE TAP EVE INTER$34/$4402/07/18- 04/25/18WItem Details
    Read Notice215313-DDANCE TAP INTERMED$34/$4402/09/18- 04/27/18FItem Details
    Read Notice215313-EDANCE TAP ADVANCED$34/$4402/07/18- 04/25/18WItem Details


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    Read Notice222222-ABASKETBALL DROP-IN$3/$403/06/17- 06/13/18M, WItem Details


    Teams of six battle it out on the court in exciting league action. A deposit will be due prior to the start of the league in order to ensure a space in the league. Team representatives are required to attend the pre-season meeting and agree to act as a liaison between the Recreation Department and the team.

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    Read Notice245301-AVOLLEYBALL CO-REC$30002/20/18- 05/01/18TuItem Details

    300422 - LINE DANCE GALORE

    This annual event encompasses a full evening of great food and fun, including pizza, soda, bottled water and ice cream. It’s time to put those line dance lessons to the test with a top disc jockey. It’s sure to be a foot stompin’ memorable time!

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    Add to Cart300422-ALINE DANCE GALORE$7/$906/05/18- 06/05/18TuItem Details

    301312 - AEROBICS CLASS

    Get your day off to a great start with a heart pumping, energizing workout! You can work at your own pace, which makes this peppy program perfect for all ages and fitness levels. The class includes a 40-minute aerobic workout, ending with resistance training (hand weights) and an optional abdominal routine. This is a people-friendly class with an enthusiastic group of fun-loving folks. Certified Instructor: Tammy Johnson.

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    Read Notice301312-AAEROBICS LOW IMPACT$68/$8203/26/18- 06/01/18M, W, FItem Details
    Read Notice301312-BAEROBICS STEP IT UP$68/$8203/26/18- 06/01/18M, W, FItem Details

    302320 - ZUMBA CLASS

    Zumba is a fun, effective, and simple fitness system that uses the principle of fitness interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. The moves are easy to follow dance steps, which means that you do not have to know how to dance to do Zumba. Zumba is fun, different, easy, and effective and it is rapidly becoming the next fitness sensation.
    WHO: Adults, of all ages and fitness levels

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    Add to Cart302320-AZUMBA CLASS$70/$8406/05/18- 08/09/18Tu, ThItem Details

    303412 - WATER AEROBICS

    This professionally executed aquatic exercise program is designed to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. The Carousel Hotel offers their pool with water that is waist to chest high. A certified instructor will take you through this wonderful program.

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    Read Notice303412-BSR WATER AEROBICS$24/$3504/03/18- 04/26/18Tu, ThItem Details
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